News from TLAC – 9/14/2016

We’re getting ready for the TLAC meeting on October 18th.  Meeting information will be forwarded shortly, and we look forward to seeing you in Stevens Point.
Below is information on MarketPlace 2016 – a terrific opportunity to get your business in front of government purchasing agents.  Pre-MarketPlace seminars are being held around the state, and information is also shown below.
Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Recruitment & Referral Survey.  As of yesterday, 12 people completed the survey – and we’re hoping we’ll receive more responses.
The Tribal Labor Advisory Committee created the survey for our members and the general contracting community. The purpose of the survey is to create awareness and increase understanding of construction industry hiring practices and standards.
Information to be gathered includes:
  • Application process,
  • Recruitment periods recruitment methods,
  • Qualifications/skills needed for the job,
  • Lead time for hiring,
  • Availability of entry level positions each year, and
  • How the amount of those entry level positions are determined.
We greatly value your input, and encourage you to share this survey with peers in the construction industry.
The survey is short – just nine questions.  You may take the survey online at this link:
The survey will close on Friday, September 30th.
We’ll share the results at our October 18th TLAC meeting, and post the results on our website.